My IGN and Edge award-winning 3D puzzle game for Nintendo GameCube and GBA from 2002.  For more details on the game go to

QC Racer

This was a collaboration with the mobile learning team at a large corporate which combines a driving game with a quiz game to educate people about their history

Smart Energy Tower Defense

I won a grant from the Technology Strategy Board to explore ways that gaming could be used to educate people about energy consumption.  One of the outputs was a proof-of-concept I made in Unity.

Killer Edge

One of the first iPhone Racing games I did back in 2009 which has had over a million downloads. Originally I did this as a proof of concept in 2005 because I had been doing work with Intel, Imagination Technologies and NVidia to showcase the future of 3D gaming on mobile.


This is a sliding tile puzzle for Instagram photos which is quite clever even if I say so myself 😉 I was really pleased with the infinite scrolling which seems just as fast as the native Instagram App! I originally did this as a way to learn about Collection Views on iOS and then kept adding more stuff to it especially Twitter Integration and Asynchronous Game Center matches – pretty cool stuff.

Fantastic Mr Fox

I created the iPhone game for the Fantastic Mr Fox movie for Digital Outlook under a very aggressive timescale of two months. This featured a game engine that used the Box2D physics engine to create a state-of-the-art stealth game using Tilt Control. Sadly this is no longer available on the App Store.