For this creative agency, I came up with ideas and worked with their team to implement an innovative 3D user interface for mobile tablets in Unity3D to impress a client under extremely tight timescales.


Business Model Design for Games

I designed and delivered a two day workshop on the business model design for games which has been delivered to over 20 people in conjunction with the University of Abertay. This was aimed at helping the companies to develop a commercial mindset and covered business models, design and market entry.


Antix Labs

Working with the CEO, I led the business strategy for the creation of a new mobile gaming platform. I helped set out the vision for the company, identifying key aspects of the business model, formulated a market-entry strategy, and developed a full product roadmap with detailed requirements.


PA Consulting

As a Principal Consultant at PA Consulting in the late 90’s I carried out Internet technology selections for egg, Esselte and Racal and became PA’s e-business expert at the time of the .com boom to help develop this capability as a service.


GoldSmiths University

I developed a business plan, strategy and product roadmap for a new start-up in the Virtual Worlds industry. This covered market analysis and high level product requirements.


Buongiorno – Mobile and Social Gaming

Here I developed a social networking application for the iPhone leading the client through its first iOS app, which involved gathering functional requirements from all stakeholders. Subsequently I led a new social gaming initiative which involved defining the strategy and functional requirements of a multi-platform social game on Facebook. This led to an RFP process to select a technology platform provider.



I led a study into skills and training needs for Game Developers in the North West of England and culminated in a report which highlighted how the games developers in the UK would have to change from dealing with products to services as part of the transition to online.